Web Applications

Colourfill Plugin Project

Colourfill Plugin

This plugin changes the background colour of elements on your screen based on “choose a colour” buttons that you specify. This was based on the code I wrote for an online colouring book website.

Tools Used: jQuery/JavaScript

Tweet Cabinet Project

Tweet Cabinet

Tweet Cabinet app was built using the React+Redux. This app allows the user to save tweets to a list, that can be categorized by tags, to view later. The user can delete a saved tweet and the corresponding tags are deleted with it. It uses Twitter Auth through firebase, where it is deployed, to log in.

Tools Used: HTML5, SASS, ReactJS, Redux, jQuery, Foundation, Firebase

Todo List App Project

Todo List App

A Todo list app built using the MEAN Stack. The user can add new tasks to the list by using the form and delete them by clicking on the 'X' next to the specific task. Uploaded to Heroku.

Tools Used: Photoshop, HTML5, CSS, AngularJS 2, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Bootstrap

Weather App Project

Weather App

A weather application that allows the user to find out the weather by entering any city into the box.

Tools Used: HTML5, SASS, ReactJS, jQuery, Foundation, Dark Sky API, Google Geocoding API, Firebase

Schedule Appointments App Project

Schedule Appointments App

An appointment scheduling app that allows you to add, update and delete appointments on the calendar. Clicking on a day on the calendar shows the appointments in a list next to it. Hosted on Firebase but not connected a database.

Tools Used: HTML5, CSS, AngularJS 2, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Firebase